List of restaurants and bars that serve free tap water in Belgium!

All the places we are aware of that that serve free tap water in Belgium will be in our MAP! Check it out and Keep more bars and restaurants coming to the list!

Ping us at Twitter : @tap_free or on with the info on restaurants that serve FreeTapWater!

15 thoughts on “List of restaurants and bars that serve free tap water in Belgium!

  1. Every single Starbucks in the US offers free tap water. I bet they would be very open to doing this. And having such a heavyweight as Starbucks involved might just be the tipping point. On the other hand, their water is served in plastic cups, so I’m not sure how much better that is.

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    1. Great idea! We are aiming to get big names on board, such as already Exki, Pulp…. Starbucks would be great example!


  2. Balls & Glory (bij de beurs @bxl) serveert ook gratis kraantjeswater (ik veronderstel alle andere filialen in België ook)


    1. Thank you! Adding it to the list. Same place is offering the water in other cities too. Very good news.


  3. And please now give a list of all the restaurants in France where you don’t have to pay for bread. Belgium’s it’s free. Italia and Portugal where you have to pay for bites, like olives, anchoa, paté… The couvert… In Belgium it is for free, shall l mention German restaurants? Pay for your mustard. Fish and chips in Engeland? £ 1 for tartare sauce Don’t mess with our resto culture. We are still cheaper than most other countries, and the complaining people are rich expats or tourists who doesn’t understand anything about our cuisine. I don’t want tapwater in a restaurant, l want Tasmanian rain.


    1. Thank you for you comment. Our mission is to make Tap Water served for Free in most bars and restaurants in Belgium. Its our 2 cents in tackling environmental pollution (from plastic to air pollution related to transportation of bottled water).


  4. In New York EVERY restaurant serves tap water when you enter, and I guess in most other places in the USA. In Italy “the couvert” is not for bread, but is an old stupid habit to gain more. True though that a pizza or a plate of pasta there cost about 8 euro and not 16 like in Belgium ! And you have everywhere a complete business lunch for 12 euro. The worst habit is selling everywhere these small bottles of water with a disastrous result for plastic. And everybody buys them at 1 or 1,5 euro ! Incredible. Should be prohibited,
    is a shame, people should be aware of it and buy a personal container to keep, would be a huge difference.
    Ban it from school, van it everywhere !


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